Fraser2TheMax and the MeepCity Mystery

You can purchase my book from Amazon in both physical copy and Kindle, buy the book: Fraser2TheMax and the Meepcity Mystery.

Fraser2TheMax and the MeepCity Mystery is an action-packed, mystery adventure novel feat- uring Fraser in the MeepCity world. It takes part during Meep Appreciation Day, an annual event celebrating the beloved and iconic pets of MeepCity. Unfortunately, the mascot of Meep Appreciation Day, Mr Biggleworth, has gone missing! Have no fear however as Fraser2TheMax steps up to try and help save the lost meep however, he'll need the help of some of you fans!

Join Fraser, Yoboi Meep and other allies as they hunt for Mr. Biggleworth, travelling through the hot desserts outside of MeepCity, the dark prisons of Prison Life and even a villain's cas- tle lair! He will have to face all sorts of enemies, fighting against gigantic hackers, cruel ro- bot guards and even the BLOX-Police! It will be no easy task, will Fraser and his fans succeed? Will the meep ever be found? Find out in the book!

You can purchase a physical, paperback copy of the book on Amazon, or a virtual copy on Kindle.